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CIFOR Foodborne Illness Response Guidelines for Owners, Operators and Managers of Food Establishments (CIFOR Industry Guidelines)

The CIFOR Industry Guidelines were developed as voluntary guidance for owners, operators, and managers of retail food establishments ("Industry") to help outline, clarify, and explain Industry's recommended role in a foodborne illness outbreak investigation. The CIFOR Industry Guidelines are not intended to replace pre-existing company guidelines or local, state, or federal regulations or procedures. Instead, the CIFOR Industry Guidelines are to be used as a reference document to create Industry procedures where none may exist, complement existing procedures to fill gaps and update establishment-specific procedures, and to develop specific training content for staff.

The CIFOR Industry Guidelines provide step-by-step approaches to important aspects of outbreak response such as preparation, detection, investigation, control, and follow-up. The CIFOR Industry Guidelines also describe key information to assist Industry in understanding what to expect when first notified of potential illnesses and provides tools to help guide Industry through the process. Additionally, the CIFOR Industry Guidelines serve to provide Industry with a better understanding of how efforts to implement recommended and/or required safe food practices on a day-to-day basis can inform and support a foodborne outbreak investigation. By using the CIFOR Industry Guidelines and its tools, Industry can take an active and educated role in outbreak response and investigation thereby reducing negative health impact to the public and negative economic impact to their businesses.

Contents in the CIFOR Industry Guidelines include both information and tools centered on the following topics:

These guidelines were developed by a workgroup composed of a broad range of experts from food industry and local, state, and federal regulatory and non-regulatory public health agencies with expertise in epidemiology, environmental health, laboratory science, communications, and food industry operations.

*Hard copies of the CIFOR Industry Guidelines are available upon request. See below for additional information to order a hard copy for your agency/organization.